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Our goal on Exploring Trails is to show you the beauty of Arizona through our 4×4 and hiking adventures and to encourage you to get outdoors and hit some Arizona trails too!

Muddy truck parked in the middle of Hart Prairie Loop Trail

Off-Road Trails

Nothing beats the feeling of when your tires hit the gritty unpaved path of adventure. Arizona’s diverse landscape offers a variety of off-road trails to enjoy year-round.

Red Mountain Hiking Trail in Flagstaff, Arizona

Hiking Trails

From Ponderosa Pine woodlands, Saguaro cactus fields, and red rock mountains, it is easy to immerse yourself in the many natural gems that Arizona has to offer.

Campfire with background of Flagstaff, Arizona during sunset


Relaxing by a campfire and listening to the subtle sounds of nature while watching the sunset ranks on the top of the list of how to relish an Arizona evening.


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