If you are looking for an off-road light bar that is economical and rocks a bright beam, Nilight’s flood spot combo light might be the one for you.


25 inch LED Spot/Flood Combo Nilight Light Bar

25 inch LED Spot/Flood Combo Nilight Light Bar; Photo Credit – Nilight

Disclosure – Before we get into the review, please note that at one point we were sponsored by Nilight, but we purchased the light bar discussed in this review before we had a sponsorship.

Also, the links in the following review are affiliate links from Amazon.This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own. Thank you for the support!

I didn’t hit my light bar with a hammer, dig into it with small power tools or use a torch on it to test its durability but Nilight did. Check out their YouTube video before we get into the review!



  • 162 W /54pcs 3W high-intensity LEDs
  • Flood Spot Combo Beam
  • Multi-volt 10-30V DC (will work on 12v and 24v applications)
  • 30,000-hour lifespan
  • Durability/Waterproof rating: IP67
  • 6063 Diecast aluminum profile, stainless steel bracket, PC Lens

I was very hesitant to purchase this light bar because of a couple of reasons: the company was so new, and I thought the price was too good for the quality to be decent. You know the old saying: You get what you pay for!

ZNDER Inc., which launched in 2015, is the creator of the Nilight Led Light Bar brand.

I researched their products and they seemed to have pretty decent reviews. So I hoped for the best and purchased the25 Inch 162 Watt Nilight Light Bar(click for more information) from Amazon. When I received the box, I noticed that the light bar was wrapped very securely with bubble wrap. It also arrived sooner than expected which is always welcomed.

Once I busted through the packaging, I immediately benched tested the light, and to my surprise, this bad boy was bright as hell. I couldn’t wait to mount this bar to my truck and try it out on a trail!


LED Nilight Light Bar installed on Push Bar

LED Nilight Light Bar installed on Push Bar; Photo Credit – Bert Harvey

I installed the light bar on my front push bumper. The installation was pretty simple. The brackets that the light mounts to were pretty sturdy, but I wasn’t too fond of all of the screws on the bar that secures to the brackets because it is a pain in the ass to deal with when you are trying to adjust the light.

REMINDER Make sure the little screws on the front cover are tight. This will help with keeping the light bar waterproof. The IP rating for these lights is 67. IP stands for Ingress Protection. That means protection from items/water from entering the product.

Here is a basic explanation of how the IP scale works.

The first number represents protection against solid objects such as dust and debris. This number ranges from 0 to 6. The second number is the level of protection against water and condensation. This number ranges from 0 to 8. For off-road use, it is recommended that you find a light bar that has at least a rating of 65 on the IP scale.


Testing Nilight LED Light Bar through Water

Testing Nilight LED Light Bar through Water; Photo Credit – Aisha Hunt

This light bar package did not come with a wiring harness kit (please read UPDATE below under Major Cons). I purchased Nilight’s kit(click to see the kit on Amazon). All the wires were labeled correctly on the wiring harness which assisted in a quick install.

Unfortunately, the switch that it came with was very hard to turn on and off. Besides, it was too bulky to fit in the space I wanted to put it in, and I had planned on purchasing other switches anyway. Some cool green ones! If needed, the kit included clear-cut instructions on how and where to connect the wires.


TESTED – Nilight LED Light Bar

So far, I am pretty happy with this light bar. I have gone night riding, and the light is exceptionally bright for the price. I have gone through some big mud puddles and creek crossings, and it has held up to being waterproof.

Testing LED Nilight Light Bar in the Mud

Testing LED Nilight Light Bar in the Mud; Photo Credit – Aisha Hunt

The picture below is of me about 500 feet out on a trail. I had plenty of light ahead of me to continue walking, but I heard some coyotes nearby trying to talk to me.


Testing Nilight Led Light Bar Distance

Testing Nilight Led Light Bar Distance; Photo Credit – Aisha Hunt

This light bar does come with a 2-year warranty as long as you don’t open up the case.(verify on Amazon for any changes)




  • Wiring harness kit is not included. I purchased Nilight’s wiring harness. I was not feeling their switch so be prepared to purchase another one. UPDATE – I purchased this light bar in July 2016. Now the light bar can be bought with a wiring harness and a rocker switch included.
  • There are eight screws that must be loosened to adjust the light bar. This really isn’t that bad of a con; it is just irritating and time-consuming when you are trying to aim it.

I hope this review helps out! If you purchased this light bar, leave a comment below and tell us about your experience with it!